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Finish first draft for a guest blog post

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This has been constantly delayed as I can always find something else to do... Really need to make myself finish this post
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@doutatsu When you are finished, I'd be happy to read it over for you before publication. What is the subject of your blog post?
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@jamesstewart Hey James! Thanks for the offer, not sure how interesting it’ll be for you as its quite a niche. I am writing on the current state of VR apps/experiences/games, specifically in Anime industry.
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@doutatsu I can still offer some literary feedback, regardless of the subject matter 😃
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@jamesstewart If you don't mind, I'd love to. I am finally finishing it up, so hopefully I'll have the draft soon
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@doutatsu Send me the link when you are done and I'll write some comments for you!