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Decide on the new name for VRAS by the time a new logo is made

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@doutatsu what does VRAS stand for? and do? we could help you crowdsource new names!
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@abadesi Good point, I should have used the full name. Its called VR Anime Society, website is here: https://www.vranimesociety.com/ While it started as just a place to watch anime together in VR, I have much larger plans for it to make a general destination for anime fans that also have VR. We have indie devs in that space in the community and I want to give them a platform to reach customers as well. I need to think of a what that larger "space" represents to come up with a new name...
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@doutatsu do you need any help with the logo?
@mozgovoy_anton Thanks, but I've already got a designer working on it, but wanted to try and come up with a new name before he finishes
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