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Sept: Play flute every morning

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@diegodottac How long have you been playing the flute? Are you teaching yourself for the first time or picking it back up?
@jakecrump One of my goals from 2016 was learning an instrument, so I handcrafted a transversal flute made by PVC. I enjoyed it so much. If you heard a skinny guy playing a flute with random notes around SF, it was me (or another hippie guy), LOL. We also started a Meetup group about intuitive music players with another founders/makers. One year later I bought a real flute and since last month it was part of my miracle morning routine. I still suck trying real music, but I think it's part of the process. During August I was not so engaged on this habit and felt difference on my day. Time to put this a real goal! Next one can be reunite the intuitive players group, LOL! :D
@diegodottac please share a video 😬
@rrhoover Absolutely, It'll be nice have a progress time-lapse. :p