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@dgolman what do you think are the most important things to showcase in a LinkedIn Profile?
@souhailmerroun Updated detailed descriptions of what you did at each job. A lot of people leave off description and just use Linkedin as a timeline. Also, side projects you have been working on and a great headline with summary description. Links to github, angellist, and other platforms are great as well. Also, are you studying computer science in school still?
@dgolman cool tips. I am a student at the University of the People.
@souhailmerroun Nice. Do you have a mentor?
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@dgolman I've never had a personal mentor. I have some valuable close people that I ask for feedback or advice from time to time If I need to. What do you think about that?
@souhailmerroun It is always great to have people close to you to help and it is even better to have weekly/monthly recurring feedback and guidance. Think of it like going to therapy only when you have a problem and once it is solved you stop going to therapy that wouldn't make sense because then the problem would keep coming up.
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