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Google, "how to write your own ebook"

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What is your book about? I published a book last year, happy to share some tips! @dgolman
@abadesi Here are some taglines/titles I have been thinking about; It is target towards computer science students in college - Complete Guide to getting an internship with top tech companies and startups - 21 ways to get a tech internship every semester - How to be a junior developer - What it means to be a junior developer - Step-by-step guide to landing the junior developer job of your dreams
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@dgolman love it! Funnily enough my book is also aimed at college students - specifically women who are interested in tech startups. I read that an average non fiction is 25-30k words so I set out to write 10 2.5k word chapters, with each chapter addressing a specific question about job hunting. E.g. chapter 1 is titled "What to do when you don't know what to do". In a way first draft of the book was a collection of essays and once the bare bones was done I went back into the text to change bits and make it flow better. @anthilemoon recently wrote an e-book in 30 days so maybe she has even better tips!
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@abadesi I had a very similar approach. :) @dgolman happy to help!
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@anthilemoon @abadesi Thank you both for the feedback
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@anthilemoon @abadesi My main objective is to start writing blog posts, medium articles, and get clients around the theme of helping college students and junior developers. Then use the writing practice and experiences from clients to write the book
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