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Develop management skills for a future tech team

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@devinviss how do you think you can master this
@arthur_tkachenko great question, what I'm doing currently is carefully watching my current managers, practicing what I like with my mentees, and writing down what I don't like to ensure I try not to repeat it. I'm also enrolling in management courses and taking advantage of situations where I either have the designated role to lead a group, or attempt to lead through influence if that's not available!
@devinviss looks like you moving forward very well with this skills! Keep going. if you need place to practice - tell me
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@devinviss will you be coaching them?
@aliciaheraz Well it's more of a hope for a future team, so when I do have this hypothetical team to manage yes I would hope that I could also coach them not only in their skillset, but also their career decisions.
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