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Find remote workers communities to ask about pain problems about working remotely

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@arthur_tkachenko It could be every type of workers but I guess it would be easier to focus on developers/techish people since I'm one of them 😀
@jlezac ok, i spend a lot of time as remote dev and right now i'm manage team of remote interns
@jlezac are you building something in this space? Curious if you checked out Ship which offers a landing page and surveys so you can ask specific questions.
@rrhoover It's really really really early stage but the end-goal is to build something which could help companies to become remote-friendly. For Ship, I always felt like if I don't have already a community or some sort of traction, I won't be able to attract people on the landing page... which means no email nor answers to my surveys. 🤔
@jlezac that's a common challenge. We're exploring ways we can help with that, but distribution is often the #1 thing makers are looking for.
@jlezac I guess people at InVision have a lot to say about that, like Hilary Shirazi:
@yannick_mthy Thanks, I will check them out 🙏