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find co-founder :p

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@natalia_kazakli it's not easy! I'm super grateful for my co-founders (3) but they are a rare breed
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@alinutzav I know and I fully agree...but after having a massive burnout with my previous startup, I don't want to be solo this time! you are lucky!!
@natalia_kazakli maybe will you find a tech co-founder from PH! you could talk a bit more about you, your project and what kind of founder you are looking for 🙂
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@natalia_kazakli Usually co-founder comes after being presented by a promising idea, well designed business plan draft & a strong founder. Unfortunately none of these are present on your profile. You'd better updating your profile information up to the best, letting others know more about the idea(at least the industry, type of it, revenue share you offering for partnership, initial funds & ...). Then I hope you can achieve your goal this week & it'd be a great start for the rest of your journey towards making wonderful products 😊
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@natalia_kazakli I hope you will find someone great to work with. I'd second some of what @behradkhodayar said. If I were in your case, I'd update my PH profile and maybe even link it to a Twitter profile.
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@natalia_kazakli how's the search going?