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Get some feedback for ZenJournal medium article

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@randomor what type of feedback are you looking for? Maybe some of us can help 🙂
@jordibruin Thank you! I was going to ask if the overall article was focusing too much on the negative side as @syswarren has rightly pointed out, but I didn't want to be too specific in asking feedback. If I were to write another article just focusing on the positive side, what points would make a reader consider to try the app or establish a habit of journaling? And then even from this negative/curiosity angle, am I approaching it correctly, should I pick a fight or list more positive points about the app in the end?
@randomor While I understand why you wrote the article this way, you'd get more positive results (in building an audience, for example) if it wasn't so focused on negative things. What I mean by that is that 95% of the post talks negatively of what your competitors do when what you could do is talk positively of your strengths ("stress-free journal entry + fluid reading.") and offer a more favorable overall feeling to your readers and potential users. If you can make people feel good when they read your article, there will be better chances for you to convert them into users.
@syswarren that's great feedback! My biggest concern also. I was playing with reverse psychology and trying to not mention too much what the app do, hoping to get people to be curious and open the site or try the app to find out. But now I realize there has to be "yang" to this "yin". So I definitely will write up another one as the primary article, focusing on the app itself, the benefit of journaling and a balanced personal/public digital space etc...