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@randomor Maybe it's boring but it's definitely zen. What do you want to do to make it "not boring"?
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@randomor If you need any help with the design of the website and app, I can maybe help you. Just for the fun.
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@syswarren yeah, that site is the result of least amount of work vs maximum-ish amount of features. I have a few ideas to make it better: - add a demo video that I already have, make the logo a play button - add a few reasons how/why use the app (after video would be great) - maybe make the website a bit like a chatting app, a la the app (crazier idea not sure much impact) - make it prettier @pregenun that's a lovely offer, I'm going to DM you and see if we can work something out.
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@randomor Sounds like you know what you want to do! If you need feedback along the way, don't hesitate. @pregenun awesome offer. I hope you guys can make something cool together!
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@randomor I like the Zen feel of the landing page! All I'd be looking for that isn't currently there is a simple screenshot. I'd also look to maybe removing the 'Made with..' on the bottom and just replacing it with a Twitter/other social icon that goes to your profile (or, perhaps just centre what's currently there). Nice job launching!
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@brendonrell Thank you! Spot on feedback about the footer! I'd add some demo video and/or screenshots soon. The real launch will happen soon... 😉
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Anyway I've added video, took @brandonrell's advice and made the footer symmetrically centered. It's still pretty boring. But with the video at least I should be able to communicate what the app is? Screenshots might be a good addition... Moving on to next pre-launch task.
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@randomor Congrats, it's great to be able to see the app in action!
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@anthilemoon Thank you! Really excited to launch it next week so this will become more useful and people could find more peace journaling so the world becomes a better place. 😂
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