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Properly give props to makers of Makers. Love it so far!

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@ayrton Thank you! You all did a fantastic job, judging from my pleasant on-boarding experience. And there is absolutely no bug, that I know of, either! 😁
@randomor What do you like *most* about Makers so far? 🤔
@abadesi The sense of community, knowing that there are so many people who are working on cool stuff. Also, you guys really know how to build it, the tiny details like the recent accomplishments, and keeping the initial groups contained, not starting a hundred groups all at once. 🙏 Initially, I thought this is just for keeping my grand goals, and then it dawned on me that many are actually using it almost like a Twitter feed to post small things to be done... Genius. Just some first reactions, excited to see it grow and evolve. Asynchronous communication for the win. Chatting room sometimes is not the best at this scale.
@randomor Solid points all round which I'll share with the team - thanks