Caterina Bassano
Caterina Bassano@deleted-1375687 · Marketing Executive, Ibby

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@ktbassano Have you been before? It's been 4 years I keep having to give my ticket away, I really want to go at some point.
@anthilemoon first time me/the team with our new product! why have you had to give your ticket away if I may ask?
@ktbassano Just calendar conflicts every single time unfortunately.
@ktbassano You will be given the opportunity pitch your startup on event?
@nikolay_siabrenko that is the plan! are you attending? :)
@ktbassano I went a few years ago after my startup got selected. Honestly, it was very fun and we met nice people there but I definitely needed some time off after socialising so much
@syswarren I hear you! this type of event can be exhausting, but usually worth it. What was the best outcome from the time you attended?
@ktbassano Does Web Summit still charge founders to pitch? Some context/discussion for the their practice: