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@ktbassano what kind of story is this?
@nealbeat Hi! It's an article about how and why real-time conversations are helping to deliver better customer support, here it is if you want to take a look!
@ktbassano oh, that's a great topic! Is the product you mentioned in the post an Intercom competitor or something very close?
@nealbeat thanks Yulia πŸ˜ƒ Our product has indeed some qualities similar to Intercom, especially the live chat tool for websites, but we're working on different features to enrich the platform and make it stand out from the somewhat crowded market of messengers. Hoping to get it all launched very soon! I just checked out Luno and it looks great, good luck! I've subscribed to get the updates πŸ˜„
@ktbassano That's really wise and I think the market of customer success platforms will increase in the future. Thanks for your feedback and a subscription :) we at an early stage so hope to start promoting our product soon :)
@ktbassano That was a really interesting post :) I was pretty surprised with how high the percentage was for the following stat: '77% of customers would recommend a company to friends after positive customer experience'
@guillaumebardet thanks, glad you found it interesting :) Indeed, it's quite amazing what customer satisfaction can do
@ktbassano You're very welcome, I definitely agree!