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Find a PH friend 😘

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@avery_schrader @much_applied Woah! I had no idea it would happen so fast :) How to break the ice on PH.... seen something particularly awesome here recently?
@avery_schrader @much_applied Best ice-breaker i've noticed here is appreciation of finished tasks from strangers, asking and sharing approaches and tool stacks seems nice to do) Making tasks, which description can be helpful for others - Found coda.io in of the other's tasks, for example. Or it will remind someone to fix their own bugs, if something common will appear in feed
@much_applied Super cool advice, I will start wandering around a bit. Super cool product Coda.io, I have been thinking I wish Kipwise (check it out, my friend is building a new knowledge base tool integrated in slack) worked more like this. Nice! Thank-you!
@avery_schrader Welcome! We're all friends, here! 😻
@de Good to hear Dan, I'm excited to be here. Had a revelation that the maker community might be some of the most empowered people just by virtue of know they can make things. So here I am :) very cool to see how active this place is! No followers, hardly have I even done anything on PH and now I have you guys 😘How can I help you?
@avery_schrader This is great to hear πŸ™Œ We want to make Makers feel welcome in our community and we're working on lots of new features that we help will add even more value for you! What are you working on right now?
@avery_schrader @de have an early stage startup called Modash, we try to build some stand out influencer marketing tools. Currently in the middle of a pivot and our new model is a lot more product hunt friendly :) As big fans of the site for a long time we are looking forward to our first launch. Some other great Estonian based companies and makers have launched cool stuff, so we want to be part of the club!