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Day 1 of coding on codecademy to prepare for Le Wagon's bootcamp :D

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@deepreneur I've heard great things about Le Wagon!
@abadesi I applied to Le Wagon Bali I am soooo excited! Waiting to complete this 10 day pre course to get officially accepted. AAAHH!!
@deepreneur Oh wow I didn't even know they were in Bali, too. Fingers crossed!
@abadesi great location with the intensive coding environment, one needs balance ya know? Thank you 😊 will keep you posted!
@deepreneur sounds like a perfect combo. Let me know how it goes. Are you applying to any other boot camps?
@abadesi thanks I sure will! 😺I applied to Flatiron and got accepted. I found that most bootcamps are designed to help you land a job as a software engineer and make a career out of the skills gained and that didn't align with my future goals. Le Wagon seemed like a better fit because they help you gain skills and build a product in 9 weeks to create your own startup. I felt like Le Wagon was more for entrepreneurs (or people who aspire to be) VS other bootcamps who were targeted more towards people who aspire to make a career out of software engineering.
@deepreneur day 1! How'd it go?
@rrhoover Struggling with Ruby on Rails on my first day 😢 but I know it'll get better with time. I applied to Le Wagon Bali. Wish me luck! 😁