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Write 5 new articles by end of 2018

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@de this is a great goal! I need to do the same! What do you plan to write about and how to you get inspiration?
@nayamoss I think so, too! I plan on writing about design, mental health and personal growth. Inspiration is the hardest part, and I’ve been struggling with getting started. I need to find happiness in myself first, and that starts with finding a new role that excites me (im working on that)
@de WOAH! Scary, were writing about rather similar subjects 😱as well. I just checked out your Dribble, I LOVE your work, the tide app is my fav! I'm open to doing a brainstorming session with you if you'd like! I find I'm less creative the more I keep things to myself or at least don't talk with others on interesting subjects.
@nayamoss Oh wow, thank you so much for the kind words 🧡 That sounds interesting actually, and something I've not really done before!