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Stick to my macros

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@daynairn Awesome! What's your target macro breakdown? For me it's... Carbs – 40% Protein – 25% Fat – 35%
@jonathanzwhite Thanks! Mine is: Carbs - 40 Protein - 30 Fat - 30 How are you doing staying on track?
@jonathanzwhite @daynairn That's interesting. Never shared mine with anyone before : Carbs - 9% Protein - 27% Fat - 64%
@jonathanzwhite @syswarren That's great Julie! Thanks for sharing!! I always find that as an athlete, dropping down to low carb makes me feel quite tired and dullish. Always impressed with people who can successfully commit to it. All the best with your journey.
@jonathanzwhite @daynairn I must admit, it takes time to get used to this, especially if you train. I train around 8/10hours per week, lifting mostly. The fact that I am so low in carbs, also means that I don't have those sugar rushes and my energy is quite constant.
@jonathanzwhite @daynairn @syswarren Random question related to this I had today - if a company invented a chip for your stomach that tracked everything that went in automatically for you and promised not to misuse or sell your data to third parties, would you take it? Now I'm learning more about ketogenic diet I realise how much work is involved in maintaining it through tracking kj's etc