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Dayna Nairn@daynairn · Student @ Lazaridis School of Business

Find Summer Internship

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@daynairn welcome to the beta 😎
@mahad_aamir loving it, good luck on hitting top spot my guy
@daynairn After exams! watch me
@daynairn Hey! I'm building to help people find internships in early-stage startups and side-projects. I'll be launching it next week. Do check it out :)
@adithvictor I absolutely will! Thanks for letting me know
@daynairn What kind of opportunity are you looking for?
@abadesi I'm specializing in marketing and am super interested in design, but am definitely open to any sort of opportunity that will teach me and challenge my abilities!!
@daynairn Are you active on Twitter? I recommend following people active in the fields you want to gain experience in... think about what skills you already have i.e. marketing (vs design which is still just an interest), and then start doing small things to market yourself / sth you care about to show you can actually do it. Use that evidence as a talking point as you reach out to startups, founders etc