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Final decision on the Reactjs export format (create-react-app/Gatsby/Next)

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Hello Reader. I have put this goal here because I am really seeking for advice :) I am adding the React code export to my tool. I am thinking about the format of this export. 1/ create-react-app Advantages: - Format easier for beginners - Easy communication to users: "Export to React." Disadvantages: - No server side rendering. - Basically nothing apart from the basic config. 2/ Gatsby.js Advantages: - A very popular solution (321k downloads per week). - Used by React's developers to build their own site. Disadvantages: - I have never used it on production - Need to explain to users that this is "Export to React using Gatsby.js" 3/ Next.js Advantages: - I have used this on production (because of SSR). - The concept of their pages ideally reflects our pages in the builder. Disadvantages: - I am lost in what Next differs from Gatsby.js and I have the impression that one of these solutions will dominate the other (and Gatsby is already more popular + used by the React's team) - As per above. More difficult communication. Any suggestions?