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Stand while working for an entire year

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@daviswbaer [in cheesy salesman voice] well we have the collection for YOU!
@rrhoover Haha I looked through it when it was in the daily email. I couldn't locate the $20 one that was mentioned though (I didnt look for very long). Standing all day will tire you out! At first I could only do a couple hours at a time, now I can do 10+ hours - with some sitting breaks of course :)
@daviswbaer standing desk is life-changing 🙌🏻
@aleks_muse It really is! Are you a full-time stander?
@daviswbaer usually yes, I got used to it maybe in a week or two. Make breaks sometimes, for a lunch for example, or for a meeting. Don't push yourself too much but listen to your body is my approach 🙂 When I travel and don't have a standing desk I feel so hard to get back to sitting :/ What's your experience so far? Which desk you have?
@aleks_muse Agreed, sitting all day makes me feel terrible now. I have the super official "Davis' Homemade Standing Desk" 😂. It's basically stacked shelving cubes, but it get's the job done for me!
@daviswbaer ha ha, love the idea!
@daviswbaer This is a really cool goal. Are you measuring this with a tally on a calendar or anything like that?
@abadesi Nope! Just doing it every day. I basically never sit now, so it's become quite the ingrained habit :)
@daviswbaer one day I'm going to try and commit to this as well <3
Still standing strong on this goal (stupid pun intended)