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Read 1 book/month - 3/12 (Currently reading "Hooked" - how many bonus points for that?)

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@daviswbaer haha, nice! Curious to hear your thoughts afterward. For everyone else, here's a link to Hooked.
@rrhoover I really enjoyed it over all. Curious to hear which parts you were most involved with? I appreciate the brevity, but I wished there were more case studies at the end :)
@daviswbaer I was involved in most aspects of it, writing some early drafts and sourcing case studies/examples to include in the book.
@rrhoover Oh nice. Didnt know if there were "Nir chapters" and "Ryan chapters".
@daviswbaer I'd love to know what the other two you've finished are, do you recommend them?
@daviswbaer I'm trying to do the same thing this year! I've got a pretty eclectic mix and I've read things spanning from City of God to Foundation. Do you ever cycle between fiction/non-fiction?
@forstmeier I have a hard time getting into fiction. I just recently read The Great Beanie Baby Bubble after stumbling across it at my library - it was actually super interesting!
@daviswbaer Just checked out the description - sounds really interesting. And I hear you about the fiction. I tend to be pretty selective and generally only go off of specific recommendations from people I know.