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Find a developer to partner with my startup.

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@david_clare1 FYI @samar_ux is building Teamstack to help you build the right team.
@samar_ux @fmerian Thank you for the heads up! I will go and check them out.
@fmerian Thank you for the mention. @david_clare1 Teamstack platform is in early Beta so if you unable to find anyone, give me a shout and I will be happy to assist you in extending your team.
Thank you @samar_ux I am trying to build my team and we are having a hard time finding a developer to help us in this early phase. We would appreciate any assistance in finding a member to join our team.
@david_clare1 happy to help. Send me a brief requirements such as: 1- Developer type: Front-end/backend/fullstack 2- Any specific technical skills 3- Type of product such as ecommerce, marketplace etc 4- Preferred Location: Remote / onsite (if onsite, which city) Once I will have the info, I will send you few. In addition, please let me know if you have signed up and created a Team name on Teamstack? if yes, let me know the Team name andI will invite you into my team so can borrow any of my remote team members. you can also invite me. Here is my profile: https://www.teamstack.co/expert/3
@samar_ux Thank you I just created a team on teamstack and invited you. 1. Developer type- fullstack 2. Specializes in Wordpress 3. Peer-to-peer Marketplace 4. Remote is great I already have the website up and running I just need someone to make adjustments as we grow our brand and customer base. Eventually we want to move to developing a mobile app, but as we are in the testing phase that won't be necessary for a couple of months. Thank you again for your help.