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Get 100 business owners and marketers to complete the product research survey: https://goo.gl/forms/gXmG6UaDL9VZhyDd2

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@dave_poly Nice, how do you plan on reaching out? Are these people you already know?
@nayamoss A mix of personal contacts and tapping into business communities/forums. WeWork, ProductHunt, Reddit, etc. Every submission gets on our early access list + a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card so I'm hoping the incentives play a factor in people's participation beyond just helping a fellow Maker out.
@dave_poly 40 questions is a massive undertaking for someone, consider reducing and asking only the things that you think you need to know. If you actually need to know 40 things then I would break it out into tasks, ala a wizard style interface rather than just one giant list of stuff that needs to get done now. I have 1-2 min right now to look at it and help, but not 15-20! also, I would add more on the value of the product and why people should want to complete the survey. If it's clear that doing this will get the user something major, then they might be more apt to do it right now.. YMMV :D
@helloduane Hey Duane - thanks for the feedback. You're right, 40 questions sounds like a lot. Although, 90% of them take you 2 seconds to answer. There's a handful in there that require some open-ended feedback. I start the survey with a list of things to entice the person to complete the survey, but I think your point is more about describing more of what the product is in the intro? Valid. I'll play around with these thoughts. Thanks, man!