Daniel Kempe
Daniel Kempe@danielkempe · CEO @ Quuu.co

Build an initial audience for Twogger.co - Manage twitter threads from one place

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@danielkempe what's your plan to manage twitter threads? Something like hootsuite?
@kevinguebert This app will allow you to create, name and manage threads in one place. People are using threads for updates, blogging etc so having multiple threads isn’t easy to manage.
@danielkempe Ohhh shoot my bad, I misunderstood your goal. I thought you were trying to manage twitter threads for Twogger.co. Instead Twogger is the manager 🙃(facepalm). I like the sound of it though!
@kevinguebert ha ha exactly! Yea a really simple little tool that hopes to be helpful 😀
@danielkempe What channels are you using to build an audience?