Daniel Kladnik
Daniel Kladnik@daniel_kladnik · Web and extension developer

To finish a new extension which will block many annoying web elements for €6.99 annually. Almost ready, almost blocking soooo much. Anyone interested?

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@daniel_kladnik absolutely! Cookies? Email Capture? All those fun bits?
@bentossell newsletter pop-ups, chat, feedback and contact boxes, "Install aur app" toolbars, "Allow notifications" pop-ups, survey and opinion pop-ups, "Let us know your location" pop-ups, website ratings, "Website protected by" and similar boxes, toolbars offering website translation... I've been collecting and preparing rules for blocking all these for the last 6 months. It's going to be customizable, user can choose which of these he wants to keep displaying rather than block, and it will be built for firefox, chrome and opera.
@bentossell Soon it will be upgraded; it will start to block all those unnecessary "back to top" buttons, video boxes in the corner, automatic sign-up pop-ups, too big "support" toolbars.