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✍️ Write: Finish re-cap of Blurt PH launch.

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@corey_gwin Congrats on the launch, one of the most polished products (and landing pages) I've seen come out in awhile, indie maker or otherwise. 👍🏻 Will be the first tool I add when I'm back in writing mode.
@brendonrell Thanks Brendon! :) Definitely let me know your thoughts once you get a chance to give it a spin. The hope is that it will help you develop the habit so maybe try giving the 15-day free trial a go and see if it gets you going!
@corey_gwin Would love to read it when it's live.
@coreygwin @corey_gwin Dude, this is such a great post. "I'm glad I waited until getting 10 paid users before launching Blurt. Getting to 10 customers helped me understand how to package it up and gave me a smidgen of confidence. That took about two months." — I love this. It's just the blunt reality. I'll be cheering for you getting to those 530 paid users! 🤘
Shared today on IndieHackers: Let me know if you have any other questions! :)