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๐ŸŽ“ Feature: Offer student discounts (How do I determine if student?)

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@corey_gwin you could have them confirm a .edu email
@corey_gwin @rrhoover This idea is good at first but that's US only then, in France we don't have these .edu (and sometimes not email linked to our university). Did you try Unidays like Apple and others? I don't know how to join this program as partner but might be interesting looking at it :)
@corey_gwin I think SheerId ( is what youโ€™re looking for long term. @rrhoverโ€™s solution could suffice for short term.
@rrhover Thanks @thedevarsh! Looks like exactly what I need, but agreed, it may be a little more involved for what I need right now. Messaged them so will let you know what I find out.
@corey_gwin Github (Education Pack) is using .edu domains OR ability to upload student IDs. Maybe they use a public service you can use too?
@corey_gwin For future reference, you could confirm if they have a .sch.* or .edu domain suffix in their email, ask them to email in, or use a service like (but that's for US only).
Just so others are aware, I've implemented this as a manual process for now. Students just need to email me (corey [at] once they've signed up and I'll manually switch them over to the student plan during the trial.