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📝 Finish post on why makers should write

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@corey_gwin Am interested in reading this.
@leandrobthomas Here's a draft! Feedback welcome! I want to add another point on how writing can use imagination to help validate ideas so you don't have to necessarily spend the time building it. (Believe Ryan has touched on this before.) Aiming to share publicly after I get out. 😊
@share @corey_gwin I like it, clear and to the point. I like the fact you followed your own rule and made it concise. One minor alteration I’d make is update the character count for Twitter maybe, as it seems outdated writing 140, when it’s 280 now.
@corey_gwin good points! I loved a few lines I wish I could highlight them like on Medium 🙃
@aleks_muse Haha Thanks! Ya, this has been a problem with building yet another blogging platform—having to keep feature par with what already exists. I haven't focused too much yet on publishing. I'm curious to see if Blurt's focus on providing tools to help write better give it some initial traction.