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Put my project on paper. (Using Notion)

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@colinwinhall What is your project?
@prashantbuddy It's a physical product for the photography industry. Can't really say too much more at the moment :-)
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@colinwinhall no worries and good luck with your product. Hope it goes well.
@prashantbuddy @colinwinhall Photography fan here 🙋🏽‍♀️ how's progress going? Have you got all your thoughts in Notion now? (I love using Notion for my projects)
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@abadesi About 70% down. Last 30% is being a bit of a pain! It's a very complicated project that requires some serious expertise (science) and engineering, which I'm struggling to find. Know of any optomechatronic engineers? 🤔🙂
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@colinwinhall I don't even know what that means! maybe @vesln or @ayrton or @rado may