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Get 10 more paying customers this week! Last week got 5 :)

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@christopher_lee4 that's a great feeling to have wish you continued success
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@purvi_sonia_dave Thanks! I don't think I'll make it though :(. How are you? Tell me about what you're building!
@christopher_lee4 it aint over till it's over, you still have 2 more days to go and give it your all and anything is possible. I just started doing beta testing for my app FamTyme an emotional well-being app which helps young kids identify and understand their emotions. Here's a link if you wanted to ck it out
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@purvi_sonia_dave Haha fair enough! Awesome product btw. Actually, hope I'm not being intrusive, but if you're conducting market research for FamTyme you may benefit from Scoops! For $12 you can ask 100 random people a question, and then follow-up and interview them based on how they answered. . There's actually a lot of parents on our platform, though we don't have the ability to target only them right now you may find it useful just to survey a broad audience to get some information on whether or not people find this a prevalent problem! If you try it out let me know, I'll give you 12 free credits :). I need 10 paying customers but at some point I just want people to give it a shot haha. Chris
@christopher_lee4 So, did you get the 10 more? And, what's next?