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Meditate for 15 minutes 3x week

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@christinayluo What kind of meditation are you planning to do?
@kschmidtdev I've been getting into walking meditation with a podcast and am also big on Headspace!
@kschmidtdev @christinayluo I love Headspace too! Do you notice a difference on the days you don't meditate?
@christinayluo @abadesi I tried 10 minutes of just focusing on breath every day for a year, I think it helped me, but I would doze off often. Still working on what would be a better system for me (likely walking meditation)
@kschmidtdev @abadesi not sure I do it often enough, but I probably have better patience/sleep easier when I do meditate ;)
@abadesi @kschmidtdev Tying it to existing, fairly mundane habits can also help it stick, I've found. With breathing, a simple exercise is focusing on inhaling for 3 second longer than your inhale 8 seconds, exhale 5 or 7:4, 5:2 etc.