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Decide: Bubble or Webflow or something else?

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@chiefoopsmaster Which did you choose? I am exploring Bubble right now for a project.
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@manmountainprod I went with Bubble and didn't really give Webflow a chance. I find I spend too much time trying to learn new programs and I don't get things done. So, when I liked Bubble, I stuck with it.
@chiefoopsmaster I am starting to work on a project with it. I am not sure of the platforms' capabilities yet. Can you give me broad strokes on what you are building with Bubble and how it's going? Thanks.
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@manmountainprod To be honest, I gave up. I'm trying to learn too many things at once. I decided to move forward with coding my site.
@chiefoopsmaster Thanks. Have a good day!
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@chiefoopsmaster I am a big fan of Bubble! Let me know if you have any questions about it
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@brandon_bednar1 Awesome! Thanks. :)