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@chandu_nainala what is the product about? how do you plan on getting traction?
@souhailmerroun Hey hi! what is the product about? DECS is the decentralised code snippet organiser for software developers with a focus on productivity and security. We provide an all-in-one workspace to manage code snippets and to protect sensitive application data (like API Keys, configurations, tokens etc.) across multiple platforms. Introductory video - Website: how do you plan on getting traction? That's the million dollar question ;) What we are currently doing... 1) Tap into developers workflow (habit) 2) Collaborate with colleges to get young developers on-board Exploring network effects to build and exchange value... Honestly, I don't know if these approaches are going to work or not... only time will tell 😄
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@chandu_nainala This looks nice but to be honest I didn't fully get what are some of the benefits.
@souhailmerroun are you suggesting better explanation on the website ? or the benefits of using DECS dapp?
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@souhailmerroun This is great! these questions/feedback would help us understand what are the missing or less understood (confusing) bits on the website. Eventually, the goal would be to provide a better explanation of the features and their advantages.
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@chandu_nainala I know a little about the concepts of Dapps. I know some of the benefits. I'm a Software Engineer but I don't find myself sharing that much code snippets to the point of having to manage them. The ones I want to keep, are usually on Gist.