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Make an Android app that scrolls up if you blow in your microphone

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@chandism haha nice! It would be fun to play around with. Would it work in the background?
@harowitzblack I hope it does. Sound recording app works well in background.
@chandism Is this for a specific project or is it just a programming task?
@jamesstewart Just an attempt to get myself to learn app development. Tired of finding tutorials about making calculators.
@chandism That's how I got my start in programming, I found a tutorial then after that a boilerplate to work from, and worked from there. I have always wanted to learn more about Swift and such, but I don't have the time. Keep us all posted on how your app goes!
@chandism it's very interesting actually!!
@kevinnth :D Imagine being in a meeting where you have zero role to play. You have your phone on the conference table next to you and you're resting your head on your arms. You need to scroll but you don't want to move your hands and head. Just expel a gush air and blow to your next tweet
@kevinnth @chandism When you put it like that I can see an actual use case for this! Although you may look like a fool in front of your coworkers when the app crashes and you are blowing like crazy to get back to where you were reading. :D
@chandism With this feature, it's so good to be lazy!!! :D
@chandism But how do you make it scroll down? 🤔
@abadesi Been thinking about it as well. My best guess is quickly blowing twice (double tap but with air 🙈) Anyway, open to any design ideas for scrolling down.
@chandism I don't know why I like this goal so much lol. I would love to try out the app when it's ready!