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Get inbox < 20

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@cassidoo Do you use any apps to manage your inbox? I'm a fan of Polymail
@abadesi I don't! I really should. Polymail looks pretty nice!
@cassidoo If you are looking for an email workflow to achieve that, I highly recommend this one by Blake Robbins, VC @ Ludlow Ventures. I use it since more than a year now and I am super happy with it works really well. I am also a fan of Polymail like @abadesi so I use it with Polymail but also Gmail web. When I have too many emails (last week it was the case with 200+ emails), i like to use Email Game which is super handy because it forces you to decide quickly what you are going to do with each of your emails. Good luck for Inbox Zero 💪💌
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@abadesi @mrcalexandre Those are some great looking tools/practices, thanks for sharing! I'll check them out!
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