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Buy domain for new project

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@cartur28 You're moving fast! What are you working on?
@satwaya haha right now i'm working on a marketplace where people can buy fruits and vegetables produced by local farmers and in that way, help to potencialize the local market. I'm from Colombia and a big part of the fruits & vegetables are sold by foreign companies like Monsanto (a very transgenic company), so I want to help the local farmers to sell their organic products :)
@cartur28 Wow really cool! It's really funny because I had a nearly-same idea but I dropped because it was really tough for me. I really really love your initiative! :)
@satwaya Cool, thank you! Let's see how things go by. It is true that it requires a very well planned and executed logistics, this will be critical for the idea success.
@cartur28 Keep me updated, this concept has been close to my heart since then :)