Christian von Gizycki
Christian von Gizycki@c_von_g · CEO, ERgent

Release Product Hunt Page!

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@c_von_g the text above is barely readable due to the animation and your image height. May I suggest to cut your image?
@tim_achieved Thanks for the heads up! Made the switch!
@c_von_g Congrats! I'm new here I just posted my 1st post this morning...just curious to know what you meant by releasing product hunt page?
@i_m_paw Welcome to Product Hunt! What I meant by my page was the setting up the Upcoming page for ERgent, which is linked here!
@i_m_paw @c_von_g Wow that's pretty cool! Your link is pop up animated! So what I'm comprehending is that you created the platform for ERgent, which looks pretty rad. I'm curious to learn as I notice your ergent page is an upcoming page for product hunt...I'm such a newbie here (lol); I didn't realize there's such feature that exists!