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Start working on the new project - 2019

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@burak_pusat any hints to what it is?
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@aaronoleary I have just started to collect data from the survey to see if I can move onto next stage. And so far, responses I collected validates the idea. It is about to find out what to eat and when to eat.
@wslyvh It was an idea where I needed personaly. I was not sure if people would use it but I would. I have sent out a survey yesterday to validate the idea and it seems like I will move onto next stage and start creating the prototype.
@burak_pusat Hi Burak. I just launched Worfor Talents (Beta) - public board with top talents in different categories: 💻Software Development 🎨Design 📝Writing 📈Marketing 🤖Data Science, Analytics 📞Customer Support 🙌If you are searching tech job or partners to collaborate - Join us. If you need any cooperation or partner/freelancer - feel free to join us ;)
Thanks @alexwawl. I will have a deeper look soon.