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Basile Samel@bsamel · making : yearly strategic planning - find new legalbot ideas

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@bsamel Didn't know of Justinien (I appreciate that it's not Justine, like most bots are "female" here to help). Have you designed it by yourself?
@syswarren I have two partners who happen to be lawyers :) I'm the technical founder, but all the business logic is written by them and implemented using a graphical user interface provided by IBM. I do the architecture design/dev and some custom messaging UI though. Messaging UI is super hard, so we mainly use Messenger as our go-to communication channel. If you are talking about the logo, yes we did. Actually we are currently attempting to build a legalbot to help women facing sexual harassment with La Fondation des Femmes and a NGO called Elle Caetera, and it's a female name because we think that it might give a more friendly feel to the bot haha It's just a matter of use case I guess, but you are right, many bot makers take the easy path and just pick a female name, dunno why
@bsamel In that particular situation it's totally normal and even recommended that it'd be a female name!
@bsamel What you do seems very interesting and could be useful. I wish you all the best :)