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@bsamel Is the beard 🧔 included?
@megamikey why should artisans have beards or be males? 🤔
@bsamel Not generalized of course, just a question. A mention would be nice. 😉
@megamikey It's just that craftsmanship is an ancient thing. I am not specifically referring to software artisans. Also I don't think it's a good message to describe software artisans as techbros. It is not the point at all.
@bsamel Yes I thought more about today's hipster culture in general, not techies. Although there's cyberhipsters? Buy it's an old tradition with long roots. The word "artisan" has not been so widely used anymore and I'd like to hear it more.
@megamikey Hoooo I got it now 😮! I'm trying to write more about historical craftsmanship and how you can tie it to makers nowadays in terms of value system. Not trying to be a hipster haha 😛