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πŸ’‘ Get input from remote workers and distributed teams about which problems they are facing

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I'm building a product to this audience so I'd love to know your thoughts about what issues/difficulties you or your team face in your day to day work. Please reply in this thread so I can build something that would be useful for your team! :) I've worked remote-only the past 18 months, but it was with only one client and a super small team, so I really need more input.
@brunolemos what would you do with this? I'm currently building couple of weeks away from allowing our first 2 customers on.
@zxed Nice, good luck! I'm talking with remote workers to build a product for them, I need more insights before starting the coding part.
@brunolemos @zxed This looks interesting. I'm also working on a tool for remote employee on-boarding and collaboration ( very early stage ) -
@brunolemos I’ll be stalking this thread then :) since my target is remote workers.
@brunolemos @iamsooraj thanks! Watch out for scope creep :)
@brunolemos video conferencing is never stable. Aside from that - scheduling is more effort than it needs to be since I have meetings with folks in many different time zones. So I often go into google calendar and then need to open another app that compares times in different time zones in order to schedule a meeting.
@marcojelli Thanks for the reply πŸ™Œ Have you tried any product that tries to solve that? Why they weren't satisfying?
@brunolemos @marcojelli MS teams does a good job of solving this, but then you have to drink the entire MS coolaid. :/
@brunolemos I use "time converter". It's just extra mental overhead. Ideally the feature would just be added to google calendar.
@brunolemos I work with two development teams overseas and my husband who is often traveling for work. We use Skype, UpWork, and Trello to manage most things. The biggest pain point we have is 100% clear communication on tasks/goals, etc.
@randibarry Thanks for the reply! :) What issue do you have with task communication?
@brunolemos It might be mostly rooted in language barrier but describing what needs to be done with clear photos, description, etc. and having developer explain to me what it takes and the cost matched to reasoning.
Got it πŸ‘