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[Barter Market] 🀝 Get PH Maker feedback on 'trust issues'

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Businesses signing up for Barter Market will discover and then message each other to arrange a trade between them (eg. trade office cleaning for accounting help, or flower bouquet delivery for business card printing). I'd like to think of ways to actively help ensure these trades go through, past just reviews/ratings on the app itself. Want to avoid one side skipping out on their part, recognizing it's impossible to guarantee.
@brendonrell hmm that's a difficult issue. I guess, for a service like that, you have to count on their "social" image. Meaning that you let users/businesses rate each others and they need to handle themselves if they want to keep a good reputation. You could also make it very easy and clear, with pre-defined messages or checkboxes to tell you (Barter Market) that a participant didn't do its part of the deal so you can intervene. Another idea would be to have a "security deposit" that's blocked up until both parties have performed the tasks they agreed to perform.
@syswarren These are all great thoughts/ideas, thanks!! I'm going to make it clear that there is a no-tolerance policy when it comes to not living up to a trade. Hopefully I can avoid the *next* level of scheming where a trade does go through but someone claims it didn't. I guess any platform can be gamed in some way. 🀷 The security deposit thing is intriguing, I'm going to to give it some more thought. I also thought of putting together an automated invoice system to generate an invoice for both parties, and that way they could just demand 'payment' in the regular "business way" since these are legal biz transactions anyways. Thanks again!