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[KanbanMail] Try out Netlify cloud functions

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@booligoosh How is it different from AWS's lambda function ? What are you using these functions for ?
@sahinkevin I don't know, I haven't tried it 😛 I think that Netlify actually uses AWS. But I can say that the interface is a lot cleaner! Also, it means I don't have to give a bunch of personal info and sign up for an AWS account 😂 You can ask them if you want to know the details ( I'm using them to add/check users in Stripe! If you want to do that, there's a good tutorial here –
@booligoosh That's great 👍 I thought about using Netflify cloud functions with Stripe to handle payments for my eBook since I host my eBook sales page on Netlify. But finally I used Gumroad. It's a great solution, but the payment form is waaaay slower than Stripe.
@sahinkevin Yeah, I don't think you need to build a whole payment interface for an eBook, Gumroad is way simpler ;)
@sahinkevin Whereas for a SaaS like KanbanMail it would take just as much effort to integrate Gumroad as Stripe.