Björn Antonissen
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Find new (remote) design/front end job

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@bjornftw Are you on Dribbble?
@a1iusman yes, but my Dribbble is outdated. My portfolio in Dutch:
@bjornftw Good luck on the job search. I used to be part of a company called Jobbatical that helps people find jobs abroad. If you are interested, I would be happy to introduce you to someone on the team. You're exactly the kind of person our employers are dying t hire.
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@bjornftw - My suggestion would be to update Dribble. Best of luck!
@bjornftw 🎉 👏 Congrats Björn! (I hope you completed the goal because you found a job :))
@bjornftw @feriforgacs nooo 😢 Don't give up!
@bjornftw was it the right button this time? :D
@bjornftw I'm glad to hear that :) Congrats and good luck!
@bjornftw Good luck, Björn! Here's a helpful article by a friend of mine @lukejones
@bjornftw @lukejones @de Thank you Dan! I'll take a look
@bjornftw How many hours are you willing to work? Send me you resume in my inbox