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🧐 Detailed research on Messenger's popularity

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@bettyyangzi I would think there's a lot already out there especially as FB is a public company, have you been able to find some useful stuff?
@abadesi i am asking around now to understand more from the onground level of people' options about Messengers. The communication apps mrk is quite fragmented actually among countries and age groups. i.e. in Singapore, WhatsApp is the main stream and now telegram is catching up for the youngsters. Students in SG now even just communicate more within Instagram with friends. Seems like in US, Messenger is the main communication tool (sorry i just started my research so i might be biased based on the people i talked to). As a person from China, wechat is the only tool we use for communication.... we all just locked inside wechat and now instead of exchanging name cards, we give our wechat accounts.... even applies to china people living in SG like me..
@bettyyangzi I understand! Yes WeChat is so entrenched in China. In the UK where I live Messenger is really popular, especially for organising stuff in groups. Probably as popular as WhatsApp. Followed by Insta and Snapchat.
@abadesi thank u soooo much for the feedback! that is so helpful~