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Help 50 founders. (talking to users, building product, launching, growth, sales, hiring, operations, hiring)

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@bentossell How do you plan to help?
@iamsooraj with all the things I mention in the brackets 😃 - Talking to users: planning, organising and designing customer interviews - Building product: Identifying the product, customer and process - Launching: where, how and what to do - Growth: implementing a growth dashboard, scaling, social media ads - Sales: cold emails, identifying prospects and outreach - Operations - Hiring
@bentossell Oh I totally understand that. I was thinking if it was personal consultation or through newCo. 😃
@iamsooraj Yeah I offer more comprehensive help through an official arrangement and help newCo members every day 😃
If you want help, fill in this form: I'll be collecting data on everything, the problems, solutions, what worked, what didn't etc.
@bentossell This is a great goal! ✌️ What is your timeframe for this project?
@jamesstewart 30 days and want to do this consistently I think. Worth a test! Will make lots of data and record lots of analytics around the pain points and solutions at certain stages etc
@bentossell Would love your advice for radivision-beta! (