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Test FB ads

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@benmlevy how’re you approaching this? We’re also planning to test few FB ads by our launch date for Atoms (
@waqasali Hey Waqas! I signed up for your beta awhile back, excited to be able to try Atoms out. So I've been doing it a few ways, as I've spent the last few months really understanding the right way to approach Facebook through a number of media buyers. 1) It's an iterative platform where you need a clean testing environment to understand what variables are working and aren't working. Basically, 4-5 things can impact the success of your ads. For me, I've started by testing a few different messages with the same creative, same CTA, and same audience to see what's the best performing on a ~$100 spend. There were 2 messages that clearly outperformed the rest. 2) From there, I'm taking the 2 messages that worked the best and then dropping different creative on them (primarily swapping out the images) and seeing what works best. Another ~$100 spend 3) Then once I know which creative is working the best atleast initially, I will take this and look at different audiences to see which is the most efficient. Another $100 spend Using this approach (I've only done step 1 so far), I think I'll be able to learn a ton about what to expect from an acquisition efficiency spend + have a hypothesis going in. While you can always outsource this, i think it's really important to have a feel for what your baselines should be and to learn FB as best as possible, as it can be a machine for UA. One other thing I'm doing is creating lookalike audiences to match my strongest users, which you should 100% do if you already have ~500 or so customers who you think represent your early adopters. Happy to chat in further detail over email or the phone about my approach (if you find it helpful) -