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Decide on a Name for this amazing project! Aaaaaaargh

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@benlumendigital check out Namelix. It might help come up with a name and available domain.
@rrhoover Oh my god... that's my entire afternoon wasted ;) Thanks, that's a fun tool.
@benlumendigital I was going to suggest putting your fave two options to a vote within this beta group 😸
@abadesi That's a great idea - is there a vote mechanism, or shall I just base it on replies for now? Namelix was really cool but a bit random :)
@benlumendigital You could do an emoji poll (this is PH after all) e.g. reply with 🚀 for option A or 🔥 for option B 😄
@abadesi Of course! Nice idea, thanks.
Thanks to the PH Maker community, I did a Poll and the name has been decided: ☕Mug ☕