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Finish vue.js beginner lesson in Udemy at the end of the month

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@bellopapoy Welcome to vuejs ❤️ :) Feel free to reach me if you need any help on vue.
@bellopapoy Huh, neat! I did learn ReactJs a few months ago, but I considered getting into VueJs as well, in order to be able to have more opportunities. Which course are you following?
@tcodinat VUE.JS 2 by Chris Dixon 😉
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@bellopapoy hello. Could you please share what course? and how is it going?
Vue.js 2 Academy: Learn Vue Step by Step by Chris Dixon 😀 I also posted my progress here 😉
Progress ~ I'm already in Section 6: Components Continued & Firebase Storage: Creative Cards App I stopped in "74. Text options menu: text alignment" 😀