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😌 [Failed] Build a habit to meditate daily

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@ayrton I don't mean to sound like "that tech guy" but are you using an app for that? Suzy uses Simple Habit religiously.
@rrhoover I've been using Headspace and so far it's been a partial success. When I do a 15 min session I actually enjoy it a lot, and usually I am so relaxed that I doze off right after πŸ˜…. Forming the actual habit is what is challenging for me, Headspace has a bunch of notifications, but I haven't turned them on (yet), because at the same time I've been making a real effort to receive as little notifications as possible. I found that there's a whole bunch of other meditation apps, my experience is limited to Headspace but a different one might work for you.
@rrhoover @ayrton I tried Oak for a while, dropped out after 3 days for some reason.. Should definitely start again πŸ™ˆ
@ayrton I've been using Headspace every day for the past 2 years! Best advice I have is to either meditate at the same time every day or anchor it to come before/after an existing habit